April 21, 2021

Established in 2010, CHAS Health Lewis & Clark Dental Clinic in Clarkston, Washington became the very first stand-alone dental clinic within our system. The building, built in 1899, once operated as Lee Morris Clothing Company, a local family-owned business where some of our staff purchased their letterman jackets and Levi’s growing up.

The original Lewis and Clark Dental Clinic opened with 6 dental operatories and was half the size of our current clinic. After purchasing the building in 2017, we now offer 13 dental operatories in a location spanning 10,000 square feet!

While Lewis and Clark Dental Clinic welcomes patients of all ages, historically about 45% of the patients at the clinic are under age 18. We are proud of our success in providing dental healthcare access to children. Our current focus on expanding pediatric dental health awareness and access includes delivering oral hygiene education to youth in our community.

In 2019, we began our involvement with the Greater Columbia Accountable Community of Health Transformation Project, to integrate behavioral health into a dental health system. During dental exams, we offer behavioral health screenings to patients 16 years and older. Those interested are also provided follow-up services from our Community Health Worker for assistance with additional resources.

Just across the river in Lewiston, Idaho is Lewis and Clark Health Center, our “sister” CHAS Health medical clinic. Although technically not under one roof, we take pride in being able to offer more than dental services to our patients. Working in partnership across clinics, we are able to expand access to quality health and wellness services in the Lewis and Clark Valley and beyond.