Medicaid Renewals are Here!

Get Help with your Medicaid Renewal

CHAS Health Patient Resources Coordinators (PRCs) can help you with your Washington or Idaho Medicaid renewal. Whether you need to renew coverage, explore other coverage options, or have general questions, we are here to help.

  • Call 509.444.8200 or 208.848.8300 and ask to schedule an appointment with a Patient Resources Coordinator.
  • Or Click below to schedule online.

We can also accommodate walk-ins at any of our clinic locations.

Learn more about Medicaid Renewals

Medicaid renewals began on April 1, 2023, after being paused during the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency. Many of our patients and community members will need to complete their annual Medicaid renewal over the next several months.

What should I do?

Update Contact Information

Make sure your state Medicaid agency has your current contact information and be on the lookout for notices. Not responding to requests for information may result in loss of coverage.

Renew Your Coverage
Explore Your Options

If you no longer qualify for Medicaid, you may be eligible for other health insurance options.

What happens if I lose my Medicaid coverage?

It’s Not Too Late to Renew!

Clients that lose Washington Medicaid coverage for not renewing have 90 days from the termination date to complete their renewal and be retroactively reinstated if they are still eligible for Medicaid.

Other Coverage Options Are Available

Clients that are no longer eligible for Medicaid may have other affordable coverage options, like purchasing a low-cost qualified health plan from or

CHAS Health Is Here for You, Regardless of Your Insurance Status

Whether patients are still eligible for Medicaid, need to transition to other health insurance, or become uninsured, CHAS Health is here to help. We see everyone, regardless of insurance status.