Our Mission

The mission of CHAS Health is to improve the health of communities we serve by expanding access to quality health and wellness services.

We are committed to supporting our patients and all aspects of their health. That means helping patients get the support they need every step of the way.  

Community Resources

Our community has many resources and we want to make sure our patients have access to them. The FindHelp database is an online directory that lists free or reduced cost services like food, housing, legal support, and more. Visit chasfindresources.findhelp.com to find programs near you. 

Homeless Services

CHAS Health has Street Medicine providers and Homeless Outreach workers that work with patients experiencing homelessness. Street Medicine providers meet patients where they are and can provide immediate medical care. Sometimes that’s at homeless shelters and other times it’s on the sidewalk.

Homeless Outreach workers connect patients to resources in the community including housing, meal sites, and follow-up medical appointments. Outreach teams can meet patients wherever they feel comfortable.

Patient Resource Coordinators

CHAS Health Patient Resource Coordinators (PRC) are located at CHAS Health clinics to help patients find community resources. They also help patients understand their health insurance, sign up for health insurance coverage, and complete sliding fee discount applications.  

Get Connected

Walk into any CHAS Health clinic and speak with a PRC or call 509.444.8200

Community Health Workers

CHAS Community Health Workers (CHW) are trained to help patients navigate clinics and the health system. They advocate for patients and come from the communities they serve. CHAS Health has Marshallese, Spanish-speaking, Russian-speaking, senior, and rural community health workers.  

Get Connected

To reach a community health worker, call 509.444.8200 and ask to speak with a CHW.


We understand that access to transportation is sometimes difficult. For patients that need help with getting to a medical appointment, CHAS Health staff can help. 


For patients who don’t speak English, translation services are available at all CHAS clinics.

Para los pacientes que no hablen inglés, hay servicios de interpretación disponibles en todas las clínicas de CHAS.

Пациентам, не владеющим английским языком, во всех клиниках CHAS предоставляются услуги устного перевода.

Nan rinaninmij ro rejjab kajin Belle, service bwe en wor rukok ewor ilo aolep clinic ko an CHAS. 

Mobile Markets & Community Events

CHAS Health hosts mobile markets where patients and community members can access free food.

We also help organize and attend various fairs, markets, and community events to help improve the overall health of the communities we serve. To look at mobile markets and other upcoming events click on the link below.  

Mobile Market Bus