At CHAS Health, we love to see you in the office, but sometimes a medical visit with a provider over a video call—from the comfort and convenience of your home—is the easiest way to get the care you need. You get the same quality CHAS Health care over your smartphone or computer, on a secure and confidential video call, without driving to the clinic.

CHAS has been providing video visits since before the pandemic. Building on that expertise, we are now using video visits and other innovations to keep our patients and community safe and socially distanced during the COVID-19 pandemic, and to keep delivering care to everyone who needs it. We provide video visits across many of our health programs and specialties.

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Video Visits on the CHAS Health App

A video visit on the CHAS Health App is as simple as connecting to other technology you use regularly, and CHAS staff are here to support patients through the experience as needed.

Start by calling to schedule with your doctor or provider, and tell your scheduler you want a video visit.

Looking for Urgent Care video visits or online scheduling? Access them at Urgent Care.

Schedule an appointment

Call to schedule a video visit with a provider.
Washington: 509-444-8200
Idaho: 208-848-8300

Confirm your info

Receive an email or text from CHAS Health. It includes links to download the CHAS Health App, log in, and confirm your patient information—everything you need!

See your provider

Activate your account at least one day before your appointment. Then, log in to the CHAS Health App 15 minutes before your video visit.

It’s Easy, and Patients Love It

Patients are sometimes worried about using a new technology for the first time. But when they experience their first video visit, patients always tell us that it’s even easier than they expected!

Using the CHAS Health App

The CHAS Health App is compatible with most devices, and it’s easy to use on your computer, tablet, or smartphone—whatever you’re most comfortable with.

Call us today to schedule your video visit.

Tips & Tricks for the CHAS Health App

  1. Do you have more than one video visit scheduled? Make sure you are connecting to the right one. Select the Clock button at the bottom to pick your appointment.
  2. CHAS recommends using a Wi-Fi connection rather than your cellular network for your video visit, if possible.
  3. iPhone users: make sure the microphone switch on the side of the phone is not muted.
  4. Android users: allow the CHAS Health App to access the microphone. Check or adjust this by going to Settings, then Apps & Notifications. Select CHAS Health App from the list, open it, and make sure Microphone and Camera are turned on.
Looking for records of labs or health visits?

Need Help?

Do you have a scheduled video visit and need help using the CHAS Health App? See Video Visits and CHAS Health App Support for more help, technology details, and a how-to video.

Looking for Urgent Care? Access Urgent Care video visits and online schedule at Urgent Care.

Questions about video visits? See Video Visits FAQs.

Remote Health Monitoring

Remote Monitoring on the CHAS Health App

The mHealth program monitors chronic conditions remotely with the CHAS Health App and Bluetooth connected devices.

Ready to make your health care even more convenient?

Some health conditions require ongoing monitoring, and this monitoring can be done virtually, using Bluetooth-connected devices—to provide you with the care you need without as many visits to the office. Remote health monitoring is powered by the CHAS Health App.


Mobile Health, or mHealth, is a program for several chronic health conditions that benefit from regular monitoring. With medical devices that connect by Bluetooth to the CHAS Health App, your health monitoring information is shared with your medical team. If your measures are out of normal range or missing, your care team reaches out to you immediately.

Interested in mHealth mobile health monitoring for your health condition? Talk to your primary care provider to sign up.