Mobile Access to Providers

Video Visits Simplified

CHAS Health wants to meet your healthcare needs in a way that is convenient and comfortable for you and your schedule. It’s easy to connect with us confidentially online through the CHAS Health App.

You receive the same high-quality and compassionate care with a video visit over your smartphone, tablet, or computer. It is a secure and confidential way to receive care when you cannot make it into a clinic. We provide video visits across many of our health programs and specialties.

Established Patients

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New To CHAS Health?

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Getting Started

Existing Patients

Existing CHAS Health patients that download the app will be able to:

  • Schedule a video visit with a doctor or provider
  • Complete Digital check-in
  • Message their doctor or provider
  • Access patient records through the patient portal

New Patients

Call 509.444.8200 to enroll as a CHAS Health patient before downloading the app!

Download the CHAS Health App

Existing CHAS Health patients can download the app to get started:

It's Easy & Patients Love It!

After using video visits for the first time, patients always tell us that it’s even easier than they expected!

Using the App

The CHAS Health App is compatible with most devices, and it’s easy to use on your computer, tablet, or smartphone—whatever you’re most comfortable with.

Helpful Tips

Video Visit Support

Do you have a scheduled video visit and need help using the CHAS Health App? See Video Visits and CHAS Health App Support for more help, technology details, and a how-to video.


Questions about video visits? See Video Visits FAQs.


Ready to make your health care even more convenient?  CHAS Health offers mHealth (Remote Health Monitoring) for several chronic health conditions.  With medical devices that connect by Bluetooth to the CHAS Health App, ongoing monitoring of chronic illnesses can be shared with your medical team.