Providing excellent health care to our patients and improving the health of the communities we serve is the very heart of the CHAS Health mission. To do this, we focus on serving our patients with excellence: ensuring they can afford and access care and health information, are informed about their rights, and have recourse to file a grievance in the unfortunate event that CHAS Health care does not meet their needs.

Find out about all of these services for our patients in this section.

Enrollment Assistance

CHAS Health is committed to making health care available to everyone, and part of our work is helping you understand community resources, learn what you qualify for, and enroll in an insurance plan that works for you. Find out more and get started with our Patient Resources Coordinators, who can help you each step of the way.

Insurance & Payment

CHAS Health accepts many different kinds of insurance, including private insurance, Medicare, Washington and Idaho Medicaid plans, and many different dental plans. If insurance doesn’t cover your care, we offer payment on a sliding scale. Find out more about how you can afford the care you need.

Health Records

Health records are an important documentation of your care. If you need to request records from CHAS Health, transfer your records to another provider, or simply look up records or medical reports for your own information, start here.

Patient Rights

CHAS Health is committed to protecting patient rights as we offer medical care to everyone. Learn about how your rights as a patient are protected.

Minor Confidentiality

In Washington and Idaho, law protect the ability of minors (patients under age 18) to consent to their own medical care. Learn what this means for minors accessing care and parents of minors.

File a Grievance

CHAS Health is committed to providing the highest quality of care to our patients and the Spokane and North Idaho communities. If there is a problem with your care or your experience at CHAS health, we want to know. Please contact us to file a grievance.