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Hepatitis C is a common disease that primarily affects the liver and can result in long-term health problems when left untreated. Due to advances in treatment over the last few years, Hepatitis C is now relatively easy to treat with 2-3 months of medication. These medications are simple to take and do not have many side effects.

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CHAS has several providers that are experienced in treating Hepatitis C. We also have a liver imaging machine called a Fibroscan that helps patients avoid the need for liver biopsy. Often treatment can be initiated after just 1-2 visits. Patients can be referred for treatment by their primary care providers at CHAS.

The providers at CHAS are committed to helping eliminate Hepatitis C in the state of Washington. We are interested in seeing all patients even if you are currently struggling with addiction to alcohol or drugs.

Dr McCully

Hepatitis C Treatment Clinics

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A Message from Dr. Ethan Angell

Developing a Passion for Treatment

I first became interested in treating chronic Hepatitis C after one of my patients died of liver failure, unable to make it onto the transplantation list in Seattle.  Many patients with chronic Hepatitis C develop cirrhosis and ultimately suffer from liver failure, but treatment of the infection with anti-viral therapy can prevent this fate in many cases and is available in the Spokane area.

Ethan Angell

I discovered that this infection can be treated in a primary care setting, and I have enjoyed learning the specialty skills and knowledge necessary to offer this treatment to our patients at CHAS.  It has been especially gratifying to offer new hope to people with Hepatitis C who are motivated to create a brighter, healthier future for themselves.

Meet Our Providers with Specialized Training

Dr. Amanda Oropeza

Dr. A. Oropeza, MD
  • HIV medicine, Hepatitis B & C medicine
  • Transgender Health & Hormone Therapy
  • Addiction medicine including suboxone prescribing

Letitia McCully, PA-C

Letitia McCully
  • HIV Specialist (AAHIVS)
  • Transgender Care
  • Hepatitis C

CHAS Health Clinical Pharmacists

Hepatitis C Treatment

Our clinical pharmacists play an important role in treating Hepatitis C successfully. CHAS Health is proud to have these professionals on staff to help our patients succeed in their treatment plans.

Dan Jensen

Dan Jensen

Clinical Pharmacist

Sarah Ryan

Sarah Ryan

Clinical Pharmacist