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Do you ever dream of being in the medical field, working alongside providers and helping patients live happier, healthier lives?

If so, this might be the pathway to begin your career!

The CHAS Health MA Apprenticeship Program provides 2000 hours of the job training and covers the program cost for those who wish to become Certified Medical Assistants (CMA). The training program takes one full year to complete, and apprentices receive college credit. After successfully completing the program, the employee would be required to pass the CCMA exam and then work for a minimum of two years at CHAS as a CMA.

This training program will prepare you to take the test to become a Certified Medical Assistant (MA-C).  It is approved by the State of Washington as an equivalent to an MA-C program at a community or technical college.

Our program:

  • Is a registered apprenticeship program through the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries.
  • Is governed by an Apprenticeship Committee of 50% employer and 50% MA representatives.
  • The curriculum is approved by the State Board for Community and Technical Colleges.

Applicants selected for the program are CHAS Health employees, complete with benefits and competitive wages, and will be placed at a clinic upon program completion (with a 2-year commitment).

Have Questions?

Get answers to frequently asked questions about our Medical Assistant Apprenticeship Program by checking out our FAQ document!

What does a medical assistant do?

  • Greets variety of patients and escorts them to the exam room; informs patients of time delays throughout visits.
  • Prepares patients for provider; anticipates needs of provider to maintain efficient patient flow.
  • Performs phlebotomy and laboratory procedures as directed by provider.
  • Performs and documents injections and immunizations.
  • Ensures exam rooms are clean, stocked, and ready for patients.
  • Cleans, prepares, and sterilizes instruments.
  • Assists provider with procedures, exams, and patient education.
  • Obtains prescription refills under the direction and authorization of provider.
  • Manages appropriate patient referrals and required documentation.
  • Observes and follows required safety protocols, including handling and disposal of sharps, use of personal protective equipment, exposure to blood borne pathogens, and general safety of employees and patients.
  • Answers telephones, schedules patients, and supports care team members.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.

Hear from one of our teachers:

Application Information

The next application process will begin in the Winter of 2023. Interested applicants will need to meet specific requirements and provide the requested information as shown below:

Application Requirements

All applicants to the MA Apprenticeship must meet the following basic requirements:

  • 18 years of age or older
  • High School Diploma or equivalent required
  • Ability to pass a Washington State Background check

Application Materials Checklist

  • Online Application through Careers at
  • Resume
  • Personal Statement (350 words or less)
  • Life Impact Statement (350 words or less)
  • Short Answer Response (100 words or less for each question)
  • Letter of Recommendations (1 Required)

Review and/or consideration of incomplete applications or late materials is at the discretion of Chas Health. If application materials are missing due to circumstances beyond the applicant's control, CHAS Health will take that into consideration and make judgment based on the information available.


There is no preferred formatting or specific requirements that need to be met. However, your submission should include the following information, as applicable:

  • Work History (including employer, position title, and dates of employment)
  • Involvement with volunteer, community, and/or diversity-related activities, including the organization, position title, and dates of service
  • Education (including school, degree, dates of attendance)
  • Honors, awards
  • Skills or relevant qualities (languages spoken, computer programs, etc.)

Personal Statement (350 words or less)

The CHAS Health Apprentice program desires individuals with a passion to help others and a vision to succeed in healthcare. This field requires flexibility, adaptability, and perseverance. In your personal statement, please explain why you think you would be successful in this program. Please include your personal goals and what obstacles may stand between you and successful completion of the program, and how you will overcome these obstacles.

Life Impact Statement (350 words or less)

The Apprenticeship programs are a commitment that includes a 2000 hours on-the-job training program and potential employment upon successful completion. In this statement, please explain how this educational training will affect your work and personal life.

Short Answer Response (100 words or less)

The field of healthcare requires flexibility, dependability, and empathy. Give an example of a situation when you had to use these skills.


Fill out the contact form below for program questions or to be informed when the application process will open.