Training Pharmacists in Pharmacotherapy

The CHAS Health residency program is designed to train highly-motivated clinical pharmacists so that they are prepared to independently and confidently provide direct patient care services in ambulatory and managed healthcare settings.

Upon completion of the program, the resident will demonstrate proficiency in: collaboration with other healthcare providers, providing pharmaceutical care to diverse patient populations, teaching/precepting, and program development.

Three of the Pharmacy Residency Students stand on a bridge together
Pharmacy Residence Students talk with Residency Program Director Michael Tobin

About Our PGY1 Ambulatory Care Program

Pharmacy Residency Students stand with Chazzy, CHAS' mascot

CHAS Health, a non-profit Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC), has one of the most innovative pharmacy practices in the Pacific Northwest. Our pharmacists have prescriptive authority under several collaborative drug therapy agreements (CDTA). In addition to our in-house pharmacies, our clinical pharmacy services include:

  • Anticoagulation Clinic
  • HIV
  • Medication Renewal Center
  • Diabetes Management
  • Rheumatology
  • Hepatitis C
  • Pharmacy Administrative Services
  • Behavioral Health
  • Cardiology
  • Asthma/COPD
  • WSU College of Pharmacy teaching certificate
  • Emergency Medicine

Our Residents

CHAS Health is looking for candidates who possess:

  • Self-motivation and creativity, with strong communication skills
  • Interest in clinical pharmacy and growth of pharmacy services
  • Desire to improve the overall health of the communities we serve

Our Benefits

Our resident will receive a comprehensive benefits package that includes:

  • Competitive salary
  • Medical, dental, life, and disability insurance, paid time off
  • Travel to and participate in:
    • APHA Annual Meeting
    • Northwest Pharmacy Convention
  • Required licensing fees:
    • Washington Pharmacist License

WSU College of Pharmacy affiliated

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College of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences

Our non-accredited Ambulatory Care Residency Program is a WSU College of Pharmacy affiliated residency program – and it offers an experience like no other!

Residency Program Director

Michael Tobin, PharmD Pharmacy Residency Program Director

Michael Tobin, PharmD


  • Washington State College of Pharmacy 2002, PharmD

About Mike Tobin

Michael Tobin is the lead pharmacist at the CHAS Health Perry Street Clinic in Spokane, Washington. The majority of his pharmacist career has been spent in management roles. Mike has been with CHAS since 2012 and has directed the residency program since its inception in 2014. He loves working with highly motivated pharmacists and enjoys watching them grow exponentially in their clinical skills and confidence, and appreciates the sacrifice residents make working towards bettering their future.

In his spare time, Mike loves coaching or playing soccer, enjoying all aspects of the outdoors, and spending time with his family.

Contact Information

For additional information about the CHAS Health Pharmacy Residency Program, contact Mike Tobin:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the application process?

The job will be posted on the CHAS corporate website ( in January. Application materials include CV/Resume, Letter of Interest, and 2 letters of reference.

What is the retention rate of your past Residents?

We have retained every resident that has pursued a job after completion of residency. Six past residents are now full-time clinical pharmacists at CHAS, whereas 2 previous residents have pursued employment outside of Washington State.

When are the residents expected to be licensed?

Residents are expected to be licensed within 120 days from hire date.

What is the Teaching Certificate?

CHAS offers the teaching certificate through a collaboration with Washington State University College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences. The certificate is earned through a variety of teaching modalities throughout the year at both CHAS and WSU. Residents will be required to work with large and small groups to provide various educational opportunities.

What experiences are included in the CHAS Ambulatory residency?

  • Orientation (3 weeks)
  • Anticoagulation Clinic (6 weeks)
  • Diabetes (6 weeks)
  • HIV/HepC (8 weeks)
  • Administrative Services (8 weeks)
  • Emergency Medicine (5 weeks)
  • Rheumatology (5 weeks)
  • Longitudinal Project
  • Staffing Pharmacies 1 day per week and 2 weeks per year (Christmas Break & Spring Break)

What conferences do residents attend?

  • APHA Annual meeting
  • Northwest Pharmacy Convention

When did the CHAS residency start?

The CHAS residency was established in 2014 with one resident for the first two years. Currently, we are recruiting for 2 residents and we are entering our 8th year of the program.

Video Testimonial

Program Graduate Testimonials

2020: Shelly Yager

“The CHAS Pharmacy Residency program provided a wide variety of learning opportunities and fully prepared me to be a competent clinical pharmacist. This unique ambulatory care program had core rotations and electives that piqued my interest and provided a solid foundation of clinical knowledge.”

“Above all, it was the practitioners and leadership that made the learning experience extraordinary. Not only do you have the opportunity to learn from experts in the field, but they foster an exceptional learning environment. I was continuously encouraged and challenged to enhance my communication skills, problem-solve, and cultivate relationships with patients as well as within the interprofessional team.”

2019: Ashley Hayes

“The CHAS pharmacy residency trained me in many disease states I would not have become familiar with if not for this program. It helped me become more confident and solidify the information I had learned throughout pharmacy school. I have always believed that I would be able to make the greatest patient impact by working in an ambulatory care setting, and this program helped me immerse myself in a multitude of disease states and has made me into a better clinician.”

“The opportunities available in my current position give me a sense of fulfillment and allow me to practice at the top of my license for the betterment of patient care. I would highly recommend this program to those that wish to work in an ambulatory care setting at any point in their career.”

2019: Shawn Vens

“I completed the CHAS Pharmacy Residency immediately after finishing pharmacy school. It provided me with a safe environment to nurture and apply my clinical skills in a variety of disease states. As a current employee, I am able to continue to work with a majority of those disease states, particularly diabetes, anticoagulation, asthma, COPD, and hepatitis C. I do not feel that this same opportunity would be available to me at other local ambulatory care clinics.”

“Working at an FQHC is something that is important to me. There is a very rewarding feeling in serving this community plus I have the opportunity to work with a 340b pharmacy. Due to this, I am able to provide my patients with an elevated quality of care, often we are able to provide patients with treatment options that would otherwise have not been financially feasible. The joy, relief, comfort, and satisfaction from my patients show me that I am in the right place.”

2018: Therese Castrogiovanni

“My time spent as a resident at CHAS Health was absolutely invaluable. From the pharmacy residency, I gained not only extensive clinical knowledge but also the skills to advocate for and expand pharmacy services in a health system. I had the opportunity to learn from many different types of providers in several chronic disease states throughout the residency and was taught every step of the way how to personably and empathetically interact with patients.”

“My experiences during the CHAS Pharmacy Residency provided me with the abilities to help create and implement an ambulatory clinical pharmacist program at my current practice. The pharmacists at CHAS Health provide top of the line, cutting-edge care for patients, and being able to learn from them is an incredible opportunity.”

2017: Mitch Kayser

“During my Ambulatory Care Residency at CHAS Health, I was able to gain valuable experience that increased my knowledge and comfortability in managing a variety of disease states. Most importantly, by working closely with patients, providers, and ancillary individuals I was able to gain valuable problem solving skills to enhance patient care. I was able to transition from residency straight into a Clinical Pharmacy role feeling fully prepared.”

“I have continued my career with CHAS and am impressed by the organization’s care for patients and staff. CHAS is very progressive with clinical pharmacy services and our providers have great appreciation and trust in our field.”

2016: Katie Kayser

“I completed the CHAS Ambulatory Residency program in the 2015-2016 year. I have watched the program grow and develop over the last few years to the well-formed but flexible model we have now.”

“Since my residency, I have worn many hats here at CHAS but have ultimately found my ideal position as a full-time clinical pharmacist at our Maple location. I continue to focus on diabetes, anticoagulation, and cardiac care but have also expanded services provided to include PrEP therapy, asthma/COPD, and sleep care.”

“One aspect that I particularly love about my job now is that we are constantly growing and we are encouraged to improve upon patient care in whatever ways we are passionate about. Our interdisciplinary teams all work really well together and our providers have a lot of faith and trust in our clinical pharmacists.”

2015: Blair Rossow

“I completed the CHAS Pharmacy Residency Program in 2015. I was eager to promote the role of a clinical pharmacist both clinically and operationally! While completing the clinical rotations I learned how to manage patients’ anticoagulation therapy, support patients with diabetes, and treat patients with HIV to name a few. I continued to work at CHAS following my residency as a pharmacist floating through the pharmacies, renewal center, and clinical pharmacy services. Another year later I was able to obtain the CDCES certification (Certified Diabetes Care & Education Specialist), previously known as CDE.”

“While growing in my knowledge of disease state management, I gained interest in growing the model of a clinical pharmacist in the care team at CHAS. This residency opened doors I didn’t anticipate when I applied initially, but I would not be the VP of Pharmacy Operations at CHAS without having gone this track. We have incredible preceptors and pharmacy staff that care greatly for our patients and that is what keeps this program evolving to meet the needs of our community.”