Your health records belong to you, and CHAS Health is committed to helping you access them whenever and wherever you need them. You can look up health information for yourself, to easily view lab and past appointment information, or you can make a formal records request to receive a complete copy of all records of your care at CHAS Health. You can also make arrangements to securely email health records from another provider to CHAS Health.

Access Your Health Records Electronically

Access your health records securely online

Login to Health Records

For routine access to your health records--like seeing notes from a patient visit or checking lab results--you can now access them electronically, on your computer or using the CHAS Health App on your smartphone.

View your health records with secure, 24-hour access. It's a safe, convenient way to look up your documentation of past visits, lab tests, and other medical reports.

Health Records on the CHAS Health App

If you already use the CHAS Health App, you can access your health records there too. Click the CHAS icon and find labs & History.

Obtain Your Complete Health Records

If you are interested in obtaining your health records, please follow the instructions below:

  • Health record requests will be processed within 14 business days from the date the request is received.
  • CHAS Health may charge a fee for copying health records.

If you need assistance or have any questions regarding the status of a request, please contact the Health Records Department at 509.434.0381 or 866.840.2427.

Chart Amendment Request Form

You have the right to ask CHAS Health to amend your health information if you feel that the health information we maintain about you is incorrect. This request must be in writing. Please use the available amendment form available for this request below. Completed amendment requests are filed in your health record.

Contact Health Records at CHAS Health

Fill out the form below to contact Health Records at CHAS Health.