On-Site Providers

Through the Integrated Behavioral Health model of care, your CHAS Health primary care provider can introduce you to on-site behavioral health providers and psychiatric consultants to discuss your current situation. Our Behavioral Health Providers can help you start a short-term care plan or coordinate more intensive services with other community mental health providers. We are your healthcare home!

We Provide Treatment For:


Feelings of Loss





Family Problems

CHAS Health Behavioral Health Services

We Offer:

Group Counseling

Peer Specialist Support

Case Management

Care Coordination

Child/Adolescent/Adult Counseling

Child/Adolescent/Adult Medication Management

Substance Abuse Treatment

*Behavioral health services are only offered to current CHAS Health patients by referral from a primary care provider. To become a CHAS Health patient, please browse our locations for the clinic closest to you.

A Behavioral Health Provider Can Help You

CHAS Behavioral Health Center

The CHAS Behavioral Health Center focuses on behavioral health, with primary care and pharmacy offered as additional services to support whole-person health. The Center provides specialized care for behavioral health conditions, as well as care coordination, Peer Support services, targeted case management, and other collaborative care.

CHAS Behavioral Health Center-North (Spokane)

CHAS Behavioral Health Center-Lewiston

Video Visits for Behavioral Health

You can have an appointment with your CHAS Health counselor as a video visit. Talk to your provider about whether video visits are available for the type of behavioral health care you are receiving.

Video visits are powered by the CHAS Health App on your smartphone.

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