The mission of the CHAS Health Foundation is to create health equity by strategically investing in patients, partners, and communities. By choosing to donate to the CHAS Health Foundation, you are investing in access to quality healthcare for any community member in need, regardless of their situation. A donation to the CHAS Health Foundation is a vote for health equity and a step in the direction of health justice for all.

Designating Your Donation

The CHAS Health Foundation has several funds that allow donors to align annual gifts with their giving passions. As a donor, you may choose to contribute your donation to one of the following funds.

Donations to the Greatest Need (General Support) fund are used for any purpose that CHAS Health deems important or requiring immediate attention in our community. Donations without designation are used for the greatest need currently identified in our community and in our health equity mission.

Thank you for your donation, and for your support of health equity in our community.

Foundation News


In 2017, our twin boys, Benjamin and Andrew, were born. This July, Benjamin celebrated his 5th birthday. However, six weeks after their birth, we lost Andrew in the NICU due to health complications both boys endured.

For those six weeks, we were lucky enough to spend most of our days with our boys, monitoring their progress and setbacks. We were fortunate to have the necessary resources at home and work to allow us to spend as much time as possible with them in the NICU. It was during that time we noticed that other parents were unable to spend as much of those precious moments because of work or other imperative life obligations.

Since bringing Benjamin home, we have had several doctor appointments at various facilities. The level of care, quality of their clinics, and our belief in their mission of providing quality care to those in our community who may not be able to access it elsewhere made it an easy choice. We have chosen CHAS Health as our children’s primary care provider.

After spending so much time in different waiting rooms, we noticed the lack of activities to keep kids occupied, particularly the younger patients and siblings. Doctor appointments can be stressful enough, even without considering how to keep your kids entertained while you wait.

We’re excited to partner with the CHAS Health Foundation to provide reading corners at some pediatric serving clinics. Those kids will be able to have something constructive to do while waiting for their appointments.

We are also excited to announce the Andrew Proett Memorial Endowment within the CHAS Health Foundation.

In conjunction with the pediatric team at CHAS Health, the goal of the endowment is to provide parents in need with the resources they require at home to reduce stress and ensure that children have the resources they need to thrive.

This holiday season we ask you to join us and help support the parents and children who rely on CHAS Health at the backbone of their medical care. While we feel blessed to have been able to spend as much time as we did with Andrew, we also want his legacy to live on in support of other children in our community.


Zach, Naomi, Regan & Benjamin Proett


For questions, please get in touch with Kasey Webster, Foundation Director at or 509.444.8888

Donate to Health Equity

Foundation History

In 2019, CHAS Health took the initial steps to form a foundation, with the intent of creating a funding vehicle to build health equity for CHAS Health patients and for our community as a whole.

We saw the need for a charitable foundation because—despite CHAS Health’s diligent efforts for over 25 years to provide quality healthcare for everyone in our community, regardless of their ability to pay—our patients still suffer from gaps in healthcare coverage today.

A patient we have helped obtain insurance and general healthcare services still might not be able to afford their costs after insurance, specialist fees, or medication expenses. The CHAS Health Foundation was created to ease the remaining needs of our patients so they might achieve wellness without incurring debt or simply having to go without needed healthcare.

Questions? Contact Us

If you have questions about the CHAS Health Foundation, making or designating a donation, or anything else related to the Foundation’s work and mission, please email us or call us at 509-444-8888 and ask for the CHAS Health Foundation.

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