June 8, 2021
Easy Prescription Refills

One of the most frustrating things about maintaining a medication regimen is keeping track of refills. The more medications you require, the more frustrating this process can be. Life is complicated. Who has time to keep track of medications that refill at different times and locations?

Convenient & Flexible Prescription Refill

At CHAS Health Pharmacy, we can help take the pain out of prescription management. In many cases, we can arrange longer refill periods and synchronize refills so all medications may be renewed and received at the same time. If transportation is an issue, we offer curbside pick-up, home delivery, and in some locations drive-thru pharmacy services. If you are a patient at one of our clinics, you can use any of our pharmacies, including our Urgent Care clinics which offer evening and weekend hours for your convenience!

Clinical Pharmacists Medication Assistance

Our in-clinic pharmacies allow patients to access a variety of healthcare services in one location. CHAS Health pharmacists can approve medication substitutions directly with your CHAS Health provider for more efficient service, and our clinical pharmacists are available to assist patients with medication optimization to maximize health and wellness.

CHAS Health Pharmacy is committed to quality care for our patients, regardless of their ability to pay. If you have trouble affording your prescriptions, talk to our pharmacy. We are able to provide prescription assistance to those who qualify.

If you are looking to simplify refills or need prescription assistance services, please contact your clinic pharmacy to learn more about these options:

Pharmacy Locations

Spotlight on Southgate Clinic

Southgate CHAS Clinic

Our Southgate Clinic on Spokane’s South Hill celebrated its 2nd anniversary in January 2021. Southgate boasts an amazing team of providers and staff committed to the health and wellness of our community. Southgate patients love video visits so much that this clinic has some of the highest telehealth rates across the entire CHAS Health system.

Not only does Southgate offer comprehensive healthcare services including family medicine, pediatrics, women’s health and nutrition services, but specialty care is also available. Southgate’s specialties include behavioral health, suboxone treatment and counseling for opiate substance use disorders, HIV and Hep C clinics, and clinical pharmacist services to optimize medical therapy and disease prevention. Southgate also boasts that they have one of the friendliest pharmacies in town.

If you live or work on Spokane’s South Hill and are looking for a one-stop clinic for your healthcare needs, call 444-8200 to schedule an appointment at the Southgate Clinic, for the good of your health!