December 15, 2011

Hello! It´s Dr. Moorman, Pediatrician at the North County Clinic. Welcome to the holiday edition of your children and their health. Please remember that this is a great time of year to get in quickly for a nurse visit for a flu vaccine and maybe even a new toothbrush for their stocking or for travel. Please remember that during travel we encounter all kinds of new wonderful experiences but that also means we contact new germs as well. Please remember to use good hand washing to stay healthy. When soap and warm water are not available, use a hand sanitizing product to help clean your hands. This is especially important when holiday shopping  economy or playing with sample toys at stores that hundreds of children have already handled. Lastly, when sick, remember to cough into your elbow, not your hands, and make sure your children know how to do this so they don’t pass along germs to others.

The holidays are for family and friends and the memories we create. Please help keep those memories healthy and germ free.