March 29, 2016

Lori Bergland, Patient Services Coordinator, has been named the top enroller for Washington State!

Lori meets with patients to help them determine which services might be available to them, as part of that, she helps enroll non-insured patients in Medicaid, Qualified Health Plans, and other managed care plans.

From the period of October 2015 to January 2016, Lori enrolled nearly 1000 patients! That included 597 Washington Apple Health, 148 new qualified health plans, and 190 qualified health plan renewals. The next closest enroller was in King County at 653 patients.

“I have truly enjoyed working in my field for 12 plus years as a Patient Service Coordinator for Community Health Association of Spokane and as a Navigator for Washington Health Plan Finder. It is truly the most rewarding job to be able to help patients at the CHAS clinic and the Spokane community. I have built many relationships with a lot of businesses in Spokane with parents years ago that their kids are having babies that i get to help to this day with Medical Insurance or they referrer a friend or a family member.  I’ve always loved the quote, ‘you are a true success when you help others be successful.’ I am lucky to help others in my career.”

We are very proud of the hard work Lori and the rest of the Patient Services Coordinator team does for our clinics and our community. This award is a true reflection of the dedication they have to improve the lives of our patients.