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Group Prenatal Care

A better prenatal experience for you and your baby.

What is Group Prenatal Care?
Each session includes an individual check-up with your provider for routine prenatal care, time for activities, and discussion with the group. This is a good opportunity to talk about important health topics with others who are due around the same time. There are a total of 5 sessions, each lasting 90 minutes to 2 hours.

Benefits for Parents and Babies

More time with your provider
More face-to-face time with your provider allows you to ask questions.
Better health outcomes
Studies show those who participate in prenatal group care have healthier babies.
You will be actively involved in your own healthcare during the time with your provider.
Interactive Learning
This is not a class. You’ll explore the topics in a fun and engaging way while sharing and learning from others.
Support & friendship
You aren’t alone! You can benefit from social support and hearing from others who are going through the same experience.


Frequently Asked Questions


What is the cost of this type of care?
Your charges and/or copays for group prenatal care are the same as traditional care and are determined by your insurance coverage.
What if I won’t feel comfortable sharing information in a group setting?
The decision to share information with the group is made by each participant. Individual time with your provider will be conducted in a private area of the room. Should you require an exam or have issues that require additional privacy, you will be seen in an exam room outside the group appointment.
Will I still get my ultrasounds and lab tests that I expect in prenatal care?
Group is your prenatal care. Your provider is responsible to see that your care meets all the standards for prenatal care. Labs, prescriptions, and ultrasounds will be ordered for you as appropriate. Results of the lab tests and ultrasounds will be shared privately with you.


Check with your provider or First Steps team for more information on group sessions.

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