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Group Prenatal Care

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A Better Prenatal Experience for You & Your Baby

Have You Heard About Group Prenatal Care?

It’s a new way to get prenatal care. Instead of going to appointments by yourself, you get prenatal care in a group. Groups are led by two health care providers here at CHAS. Group prenatal care is becoming more and more popular because women really like it. Studies show that women who have group prenatal care are more satisfied with it than women who go to traditional prenatal care appointments. And being in a group gives you a great chance to learn about your pregnancy and health.

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Benefits for Parents and Babies

More time with your provider

More face-to-face time with your provider allows you to ask questions.

Better health outcomes

Studies show those who participate in prenatal group care have healthier babies.


You will be actively involved in your own healthcare during the time with your provider.

Interactive Learning

This is not a class. You’ll explore the topics in a fun and engaging way while sharing and learning from others.

Support & friendship

You aren’t alone! You can benefit from social support and hearing from others who are going through the same experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of this type of care?

Your charges and/or copays for group prenatal care are the same as traditional care and are determined by your insurance coverage.

What if I won’t feel comfortable sharing information in a group setting?

The decision to share information with the group is made by each participant. Individual time with your provider will be conducted in a private area of the room. Should you require an exam or have issues that require additional privacy, you will be seen in an exam room outside the group appointment.

Will I still get my ultrasounds and lab tests that I expect in prenatal care?

Group is your prenatal care. Your provider is responsible to see that your care meets all the standards for prenatal care. Labs, prescriptions, and ultrasounds will be ordered for you as appropriate. Results of the lab tests and ultrasounds will be shared privately with you.

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“It was such a great experience! I definitely recommend it. It was wonderful to meet new moms and have the support during pregnancy! I am very thankful for class. I definitely feel like I was better informed and supported.”

- CHAS Health Patient

“It was fun, I really liked it! It was cool to get the perspective of other women. They would ask questions that I found really helpful because I wouldn’t have thought about those things otherwise”

- CHAS Health Patient

Check with your provider or First Steps team for more information on group sessions.

“It was good, I had more time with my midwife”"
-CHAS Health Patient