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At CHAS Health, we want you to be able to take control of your health and get more out of life! And we believe you can do that by understanding more about your health conditions. For that reason, we offer various education for our patients.


Diabetes Learning Sessions

Our Diabetes Learning Sessions are focused on learning about the disease, how it affects the body, and what changes you can make to live a fulfilling life while also living with diabetes. 

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Pathways to Wellness

CHAS Health has partnered with YMCA of the Inland Northwest in a collaborative effort to help those facing obesity and other physical conditions. This program helps individuals improve their life and take charge of their health. Our mission is to improve the overall health of the communities we serve, and pathways to wellness has led to improved overall health for many individuals in our community.

Pathways to Wellness Brochure

For more information, call 509.444.8200 or speak with your healthcare provider

Registered Dietitians

Our team can help guide you in the world of nutrition and develop plans that will work for you to develop a healthy lifestyle. We offer one-on-one consultation, group classes, grocery store tours, and even live cooking demonstrations. For more information, call 509.444.8200. 

Also, watch cooking demonstrations on the second Wednesday of every month via Facebook Live.

Quit Happens

Our team can guide you through your journey to a life free of tobacco. Learn how you can become a former tobacco user

If you attend this class, you get to meet new friends who have the same condition. You get a lot of good ideas on how to deal with your condition."

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