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Pregnancy Care & Pediatrics

CHAS Health provides high quality, affordable, care for everyone, regardless of ability to pay. Along with traditional health care, our clinics offer specialized pregnancy support and pediatric services for families and families-to-be. CHAS has an experienced health care team including nurse midwives, family practice doctors, pediatricians, nurses, community health workers, dentists, and counselors to help meet your needs throughout your pregnancy and beyond.


During your pregnancy, the CHAS team can help you:

Pregnancy services are offered at several locations throughout the Spokane area. We deliver babies at MultiCare Deaconess Hospital.

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Group Prenatal Care

Have you heard about Group Prenatal Care?

It’s a new way to get prenatal care. Instead of going to appointments by yourself, you get prenatal care in a group. Groups are led by two health care providers here at CHAS. Group prenatal care is becoming more and more popular because women really like it. Studies show that women who have group prenatal care are more satisfied with it than women who go to traditional prenatal care appointments. And being in a group gives you a great chance to learn about your pregnancy and health..

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As your child begins to grow in health and wellness, pediatricians and family physicians at all CHAS locations can:

With most clinics offering pharmacy services, getting your or your child’s prescriptions filled is just a few steps away!

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My dental work is excellent here. I am so happy."