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Tina Jiang, DDS

Specialty: General Dentistry
Language: English
Locations: Family Dental


Tina Jiang, DDS
Title: Dentist


  • University of Washington, BS Biology
  • University of Washington, Doctor in Dental Surgery

Areas of Focus

  • Special Care Dentistry: University of Washington DECODE Clinic (Selective 4th year course)
  • Oral Pathology: University of Washington w/ Dr. Dolphine Oda (Selective 4th year course)
  • Direct Gold Restoration: University of Washington w/ Dr. Martin Anderson (Selective 4th year course)


More To Know

Dr Tina Jiang grew up in Seattle and is excited to be in Spokane. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, biking, hiking and exploring new cities on foot. In addtion to outdoor activities, Dr. Jiang loves discovering new podcasts to listen to and cares for her two hamsters Ruby and Mocha.