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Introducing Diabeat-it, a long-term focus on helping our patients with diabetes. Diabetes can affect the whole body, which is why keeping your diabetes in-check and regularly meeting health goals is essential. You are the most important part of your healthcare team, but we are right by your side. Our staff and providers are giving more focus and resources to assist you in managing diabetes.


We are excited to work with patients with diabetes to complete the following goals and improve their diabetes:

Diabetes Follow-Up Visits: Have an appointment with your primary care provider at least every six months to talk about your diabetes, check your blood pressure and weight, review your A1C levels, have labs drawn, and refill your medications as needed.

Eye Exam: Visit your eye doctor for an annual eye exam. We also recommend having a diabetic retinal scan done at least once a year. You may schedule an appointment to have the scan done at CHAS Health.

Foot Exam: Have a thorough exam done every year by your primary care provider. Your doctor should also check your feet regularly during appointments.

Dental Exam: Have your teeth and gums checked at least once a year, with regular cleaning.

Nutrition: Meet with a CHAS Health dietitian to review your current diet and learn new ideas to manage your carbohydrate and sugar intake.


Ask your provider about diabetes resources today!