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Pharmacy Residency Program


Our Ambulatory Care Residency Program is a WSU College of Pharmacy affiliated residency program - and it offers an experience like no other!

CHAS has one of the most innovative pharmacy practices in the Pacific Northwest. Our pharmacists have prescriptive authority under several collaborative drug therapy agreements. In addition to our in-house pharmacies, our clinical pharmacy services include:

Our Residents

CHAS Health is looking for candidates who possess:

Our Benefits

Our resident will receive a comprehensive benefits package that includes:

Start Date/Applications

Previous Residents

"Throughout the duration of the Chas Pharmacy Residency, I had the opportunity to learn from a wide range of practitioners, which provided me with a broad scope of clinical knowledge and the ability to approach a problem from several different angles to create a multi-faceted solution that works for the patient. Not only am I prepared from a knowledge-based perspective to work as a well-rounded clinical pharmacist, but I have also cultivated the ability to personably and empathetically interact with both patients and other providers. This residency is a great choice for anyone looking to gain knowledge and skills from a highly qualified team.

-Therese Castrogiovanni, Previous Resident (2018), Current Clinical Pharmacist



"The CHAS Pharmacy residency has completely prepared me to be a well-rounded and competent clinical pharmacist. Not only was I able to increase my knowledge and experience in several disease states, but I was also able to develop key communication and problem solving skills that help me engage patients in their care and coordinate a team-based approach by working with their providers. I would recommend this program for any pharmacist no matter what area of pharmacy they plan to work in. The skills learned here can be applied to any work place environment involved in improving patient care."

-Mitch Kayser, Previous Resident (2017), Current Clinical Pharmacist


For more information, contact Mike Tobin, Residency Program Director at


The CHAS Pharmacy residency has completely prepared me to be a well-rounded and competent clinical pharmacist... "
-Mitch Kayser