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Medical, Dental, Pharmacy & Administrative

Working in healthcare is truly one of the most unique and rewarding occupations.  At CHAS Health, we are a welcoming community of inspired dreamers, artists, adventure seekers, entrepreneurs, out-of-box thinkers, place makers, and movers and shakers.  We strive to offer the opportunity to work with a cross-functional group of individuals; from doctors to administrative staff, we offer a variety of jobs for every skill level. 

Helping the Community

Most importantly, all careers at CHAS Health allow you to make an impact on patients’ lives and experience new challenges and opportunities on a daily basis. No matter which clinic you join, you become a part of the bigger picture – providing trustworthy, patient centered, and attentive care to anyone who walks in through our doors.  We continue to expand operations and are regularly looking for talented and dedicated individuals!  If this is you, we implore you to join us in providing high level care to all citizens.

You'll love working

at CHAS Health if:

  • You're dedicated to helping your community.
  • You're a smart cookie with a sense of right.
  • You love to improve lives.
  • You love making a difference.








CHAS Health has clinic locations & employment opportunities in several cities including:

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CHAS really gets behind who you are, what you are doing and motiviating you to be the best that you can be. "
-Casey, Radiology Technician