December 7, 2021

For A Brighter Future

Reading Together

As parents and caregivers, we want to give our children the best possible start to life. Research has shown that reading books to a child is one of the most effective ways to do this.

Kids with Books

Studies have demonstrated that reading to children leads to higher academic achievement. Children
who have caregivers that read to them regularly can identify more letters and have larger vocabularies when they start school. Children who are read to by their caregivers are more likely to be better listeners and have longer attention spans. Reading also helps expand critical thinking skills and creativity.

In addition to improved academic performance, reading has been shown to support children’s social
and emotional development. Books increase language skills and promote an emotional connection between young children and their caregivers. Reading as part of a daily bedtime routine can help children feel secure and have improved sleep. Books can also help children understand and process their own emotions.

To gain all these positive benefits, experts recommend reading with children for 30 minutes every day. Ideally, reading books together should start as early as possible because even the youngest babies can benefit from listening to a caregiver read aloud. The positive effects of reading do not stop when children get older. Reading to a child even after they can read on their own (all the way up to age 14) has been shown to have both academic and emotional benefits.

Reading Tips

  • Set an example. If children see that you are enthusiastic about reading, they are more likely to be excited about books too.
  • Make it a habit. Consider scheduling reading time every day to help make it part of your family’s regular routine.
  • Carry a few books with you when you go out so you can read together while you are in waiting rooms or have unexpected free time.
  • Help your child pick out books and subjects that interest them. It is also fun to share books that you enjoyed as a child.
  • By utilizing the public library, reading books with your child can be free of any costs.
Pile of Books

Reading with your child is a simple and accessible way to promote academic success and emotional development. Helping a child foster a love of books is a gift that will last a lifetime.

Autumn Barbero, ARNP

By Autumn Barbero

CHAS Health