April 2, 2020

Stuck at home with just your savage sewing skills and want to do your part?

Make face masks from home and help keep our staff safer.


Just follow the instructions contained in this how-to video:

Or this video from Deaconess Hospital

Or any other video you fancy!

What you will need


  • CHAS can provide the fabric in the form of Chas Health T-shirts. Contact clbooey@chas.org to pick up shirts. 

Elastic cord. 

  • This can be sourced from Joann Fabric, and potentially other craft stores. 
    • Don’t have random elastic cord lying around? Get creative and try cutting up hair ties, or anything else that can comfortably be worn around the ear and has a little give to it!


If you have made a mask and don’t have any particular clinic in mind, please drop them off at the closest site to you and they can be redistributed as needed. 

Just because you’re not on the front lines doesn’t mean you can’t support our community


These masks are for use by staff not involved in direct patient care such as front desk and pharmacy. If you are involved in direct patient care, you will use a surgical or other paper, mask. We will also be able to distribute them amongst our communities and patients. 

Other resource:


Casey Linane-Booey, Risk Manager