June 9, 2015

536714_10151589741797814_821778485_nHello Kids! Welcome to summer!

Parents, time to start thinking about summer fun and activities. Time to get kids outside and moving. But while moving about the wild summer days don’t forget a little bit of safety for your children. Simple reminders for the kids such as, “Wear your helmet!” can prevent injury and save lives. Kids 5 and up should be learning their home address and parents cell phone number and know about stranger danger. A safety plan should be discussed in case they get lost or separated from family while out having fun.

Helmets– Are highly recommended with all wheeled sports. Please help children remember that they only have one head and they need to protect that brain for many years to come. If your child gets a concussion, please get them in for evaluation and follow up. Problems from head injury can linger for a long time so let us know how we can continue to support you and your family.


Swimming-Time to look into swim lessons for you children, keep them safe around all bodies of water with the upcoming hot weather. Please remember that even children who are believed to be good swimmers should be watched closely in the water especially when under the age of 7.


Sunblock- A layer of clothing can be a good form of sunblock so keep your kids covered up if you don’t have sunblock for them. We recommend children use a sunblock that covers both UVA and UVB and an SPF of 70 would be best (with the way most people put on sunblock you only get about half the SPF number listed on the bottle).


Camp Physicals-Summer time is a great time to get kids to camp and out of the house with the scouts. Make time now to get them in for their annual physical so they are ready for all activities at camp and get a jump on the next School Year.

Summer Treats– What summer is complete without a few sweets. Please help remind kids that we don’t get a summer break from brushing our teeth, we have to do it every day. If they haven’t been into the dentist in a while, now is a time to get them reestablished. We also have fluoride supplements for kids from 6 months old until 16 years old. If your child needs help with dental care please let us know how we can help or if you need a dental appointment with our staff.

The Scoop (via the Inlander)

The Scoop (via the Inlander)


Dr. Dan