August 10, 2020

Today is Healthcare for the Homeless Day. We wanted to take this opportunity to honor our unhoused patients and the staff who directly serve them. CHAS Health began as a two-exam room clinic serving Spokane’s homeless population in 1994. Since then, the organization has grown to operating sites throughout Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho. CHAS’s mission is to improve the overall health of the communities we serve by expanding access to quality health and wellness services. Our downtown location that serves many of our homeless patients and our homeless outreach team.

Those experiencing homelessness have higher rates of chronic disease and live on average 12 years less than the general US population. However, CHAS Health and community health centers around the nation are on the frontlines providing increased access to care for this vulnerable population.

Our Outreach Team (Ilze and Sabrina) is focused on connecting to those without a home to check on their wellbeing, providing much-needed support, supplies, and access to the care they may need.  Learn more about this important role:

Additionally, every winter solstice CHAS hosts a Homeless Memorial, a ceremony where we gather together community leaders, clients, and staff to honor our unhoused patients who passed away the previous year.