June 3, 2020

One of our participants from our very first (Pilot) Pathways to Wellness program, has a very impressive success story. When she first started, she shared that she did not graduate from high school but did get her diploma.  She confesses to starting drinking and using illegal drugs by the age of 14, in turn, she ending up being a drug addict. Not able to get away from this life, she moved to Las Vegas but was not able to make it there either so, she moved back to the Seattle area. Struggling to stay sober, she decided to leave everything behind, and move to Spokane. She was living in a group home.

Making Lifestyle Changes

On May 29, 2018, she had her New patient visit with Jason Wright and by June she saw Erica Baty.   They talked about our Pathways to Wellness Program. She was very excited to start in July and determined to graduate. She was able to learn many things about eating better, shopping on a budget, preparing healthy foods, and much more. The accountability for workouts helped her to be more motivated.  At Graduation, she stated that this program came along at the perfect time for her. It gave her something to focus on and kept her from falling back into her old habits.  She is very proud to be a Pathways to Wellness Graduate and continue her journey, using the things she had learned.

Working Around COVID

During this quarantine time, I have been reaching out to our Pathway to Wellness graduates, to see how and what they are doing during these uncertain times.  When I talked to her, she shared that she has lost another 25+ lbs. and continues to try to eat healthy.  Workouts have been a struggle with the YMCA being closed but she has created a few of her own.  She finally shared that she is one quarter away from getting her MA certification and is very proud that she was able to accomplish this. At the end of our call, she said “There is a whole other world out there, that I never thought I could be a part of but now I am empowered to take advantage of every opportunity I can. Life is much better now and have Pathways to Wellness to thank for getting her started on her new life’s journeys.

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