March 25, 2024

At CHAS Health, pharmacists and providers work hand in hand to offer helpful, quality medication services to patients. Your medical provider can consult with your pharmacist to provide the best medication options. In addition to fast, friendly, and helpful service, our pharmacies also offer:

  • Medication synchronization 
  • Curbside and drive-through medication pick-up 
  • Pharmacist managed interventions and disease state management  
  • Free prescription home delivery
  • Compliance packaging 

Availability of these services can vary from site to site, please contact your CHAS Health pharmacy for more information.

Where to Find CHAS Health Pharmacies

All of CHAS Health medical clinics have a pharmacy on site, offering the convenience of picking up prescriptions in the same location right after you see your provider. If you are a patient at CHAS Health you can use any of our pharmacies including at Spokane Urgent Care locations.

What is Medication Synchronization (MedSync) Program?
CHAS Health pharmacies can time your refills together, allowing your medications to be renewed and received at the same time. The pharmacy staff will call you ahead of your refill date to review your current refills due. The pharmacy staff work with your provider to avoid lapses in your prescriptions, add any new medications they have prescribed, or remove any they have stopped. Syncing up your prescriptions will help keep you on track with your medication schedule.

What is Compliance Packaging (Strip Packs)?

Compliance packaging organizes medications into easy-to-use strip packs labeled with the date and time of day to take your medication, making it easier for patients to take the right medications at the right time. This service is free to CHAS Health patients and helps to simplify the medication-taking process. This also assists caregivers in managing medications for individuals with chronic conditions by streamlining the process and increasing communication with the care team. 

Affordable Prescriptions

CHAS Health is committed to quality care for our patients, regardless of their of insurance status. If you have trouble affording your prescriptions, talk to your pharmacist. We may be able to provide prescription assistance to those who qualify. If you are a CHAS Health patient but get your medications elsewhere, please contact your clinic pharmacy staff to learn more about how we can make getting your prescriptions more efficient and affordable.