Welcome to Summer!


Helmets– Are highly recommended with all wheeled sports. You only have one head and need to protect that brain for many years to come. If you happen to get in a wreck, get help to make sure you don’t have a serious injury.

Swimming– We have so many awesome lakes, rivers, and pools within a short distance which is why it’s important to practice good water safety. Even if you’re a good swimmer, make sure someone is around to watch you.

Sunblock- We recommend you use a sunblock that covers both UVA and UVB; and an SPF of 70 would be best (with the way most people put on sunblock you only get about half the SPF number listed on the bottle). Don’t forget to drink lots of cool water when the heat rises outside or if you’ve been sweating more than usual! Be sure to stay hydrated to keep your body from overheating.

Camp Physicals-Summertime is a great time to go to camp! Ask your parents to call and schedule an annual physical appointment now so you’re ready for all your activities at camp – and get a jump on the next school year.

Summer Treats– What summer is complete without a few sweets? Remember that we don’t get a summer break from brushing our teeth; we have to do it every day. If you haven’t been into the dentist in a while, now is a great time to let your tooth shine. For extra protection, remember we also have fluoride supplements for kids from 6 months old until 16 years old.

Last, but not least, make sure you talk with your parents about expectations for summer, make sure you know your home address, parent’s phone, and who to contact in case of emergency. Have a fun and safe summer!

4 ways to get your bike ready for Summer!









It’s the perfect time of year to take your bike out for a spin! Before you hit the trails, here are some ways to make sure your bike is in tip top shape.

  1. Clean your bike!

Keeping your bike clean will extend its life and the life of all its parts. Take a basic cleaner (bonus points if its biodegradable), a towel, and a toothbrush and clean everything.

  1. Check your brakes.

Stopping your bike is kind of important, so make sure that those brakes are working before you join traffic. Check your brake pads for uneven wear and replace if necessary. When in doubt, bring in your bike to a local shop to be inspected. Better safe than sorry!

  1. Inspect your tires and wheels.

Changing a tire in the middle of your commute isn’t fun, so make sure your tires are in good shape! After you inspect the rims for nicks and other damage, elevate one end of the bike and spin the wheel, making sure that it moves smoothly. Check your tires for cracks, tears, or excessive wear.

  1. Know the rules of the road!

Do you know how to bike in traffic? Make sure you know your hand signals…

  • Left turn: Extend your left arm straight out to your side (horizontally).
  • Right turn: With your elbow bent, hold your arm in an “L” shape. (And alternative but less common, right turn signal is to extend your right arm straight out to your side.)
  • Stop or sudden slow down: With your elbow bent, hold your arm down in an upsode-down “L” shape.

Be sure to ride in the direction of traffic and always wear a helmet! Now go out and have fun!