August 18, 2014

It’s already time to head back to school? What? Say it ain’t so!

It sure seems like the school year drags on and on. So why is it that summer break flies by? As a parent, summertime usually means relaxed schedules, less supervised homework, and lots of play time. Getting back on track not only takes effort from your child, but a lot of effort on your part too. So, I’m sorry to break the news, but if you haven’t started shopping for pencils and notebooks yet, now is the time! It’s also time to start preparing your child for the start of school:

  1. Get needed immunizations. Although time at the pool sounds like much more fun, we can’t ignore the need to get your child their required immunizations. Contact your health care provider to ensure that your child is up to date. You may also want to inquire about recommended immunizations such as the flu vaccine.
  2. Get needed medications and paperwork. If your child has a chronic health condition, such as asthma or allergy, you’ll also want to ensure that you have spare medication for the school; and any necessary paperwork completed by your health care provider. Prior to the first day of school, drop off those medications and paperwork at your child’s school. Make sure you inform your child’s teacher of the chronic health condition as well.
  3. Get back on schedule. During the summer, bed times and wake times are generally more lax. To ease into the start of the school year, start getting your child to bed a little bit earlier in the evenings; and getting him or her up a bit earlier in the morning. Keep adjusting wake up times as you near the beginning of school. Doing so will ensure a less cranky kiddo – and in turn will decrease your stress level too!

by Kelley Halverson, Communications Manager