As pioneering CHAS early-adopters like to say, “Do what’s right for the patient and the rest will work itself out.” The truth is we are driven by six incredible core values that guide our team:

Patient Centered

The only thing that matters is the patient right in front of us, on the phone with us, or the one we are about to meet. We are completely dedicated to our patients and with every decision we make, the patient is our main priority. 

Respect for Human Dignity

We make sure that we let no one fall (and if they do, we’ve got a hand ready to help pull them right back up). At CHAS Health, we are in this together. 

Social Responsibility

We are heavily invested in making our community a better place – we live here, we work here, and we believe in trying to be the do-gooder who spreads kindness through the universe. 

Commitment to Continued Quality Improvement

While we think we are pretty stellar already, we recognize that there is always room to improve and grow. That’s why we have entire teams dedicated to helping us do this every day. We are nationally recognized quality leader, in fact, every CHAS Health primary care clinic is recognized as a NCQA PCMH (patient centered medical home) at the highest level possible. 


Can we get a woot woot? We love to laugh about anything and everything, to enjoy our little moments, and to always find levity in every situation.


Our can-do spirit and ability to make things happen is what sets us apart from the pack. We are solution seeking, long-term thinking, innovative people.

We got it all. The only thing missing from CHAS Health is you.

This organization is also dedicated to activities for our staff. Providing a work atmosphere with great morale is at the top of our to do list every day. Maybe that’s an ice cream truck stopping by or an all staff retreat where we all come together for a day of cohesiveness and fun. It could be a shout out to you on a internal communication. A happy team creates a happy environment for others!